a brief history of Fool {jcomments on}

The first time the label of SoftwareFools was used, it was to brand our BASIC apps that we programmed for our Texas Instruments Calculators. We had a quite eager math professor who gave us the Homework in 1994 to program some functions into our brand new calculators to solve quadratic equations and some other useful stuff for the curriculum.


M.I and Me were proned to, not only solve our Homework, but to redo iterations of it on half of the class, being the only true nerds. M had fun with his C64 for as long as mankind can remember and I had a x86 system since Knight Rider and Captain Future. We had reasonable Personal Computers at home, sharing games and small programs and were the kind of geeks to ask for help if anything computer related failed. 

When the homework was due, many people approached us to fix their half baked of barely initialized scripts. We copied our programs and spend most time deleting any incriminating lines that could suggest nobody except the calculators owners wrote it. Yet we wanted to sign our works in a discrete way and decided to plant some eastereggs.

Whenever someone would enter my or M's birthday a very nice ASCII Logo would appear.

When we started to write our first lines of code we used mainly basic and C on our PCs and ventured the first steps into java and html. Our programs started to circulate among our friends and classmates as we wrote our first text adventures and began to explore 3D modelling and rendering. It mighty have been our fantastic logos, the easter eggs or our good humors and fun in the process of creating, but people liked our stuff.



When after a few years of intermission SF was reunited in 2000 when M.I was starting his studies in Informatics at the TU Wien while I started my studies in physics at the Universität Wien. During that time we had evolved to programming in C, Java, C++ and Fortran90. It was also in that time that we began with webdesign which also opend the universe of html, perl, javascript and php for us, as well as SQL. The Logo back then was designed by Julka Wateverovski.

For Projects concerning Hardware (as the tangible multi-touch Table) and our Wiki page some spin-off logos were needed.

  • hardwarefool
  • wikifool


As the label SoftwareFools had accompanied us for more than 15 years we thought of a logo other than a simple lettering. One idea was to use a jester which would both serve as a easy to recognise logo and demonstrate our good humors in all our works. Yet finding a way to not let a medieval fool cut across a computer proved difficult and a lot of  designs were created and abolished.

  • aheadfool
  • bannerfool
  • cardfool

During that time we enlarged our coding skills with Android-Java, C# and ObjC used on mobile devices.


In recent years we improved our skills and started multiple projects, both professionally and out of sheer lust in programming. And since the world of code will never stop to improve till the last bit will be forgotten we are looking forward for many exciting years of even more coding.

During the years also a logo mainly used by myself for singing web projects has changed

  • webdesign1
  • webdesign2


After tv showed the best reconstructed version of one of my favourite movies I decided to recreate our logo to fetch some of that 20s chique and reflect the growing places SoftwareFools is active.

  • Metropofools
  • metrofoolbanner