a brief history of Fool {jcomments on}

The first time the label of SoftwareFools was used, it was to brand our BASIC apps that we programmed for our Texas Instruments Calculators. We had a quite eager math professor who gave us the Homework in 1994 to program some functions into our brand new calculators to solve quadratic equations and some other useful stuff for the curriculum.


This project was decieved as a christmas present for my mother who out of a noble inspiration ordered us not to give expensive presents. Only "small and handcraftet" was the requirement...  challenge accepted!

In this project i will combine a Hdmi display with a raspberry pi, some RGB backlight and a load of small scripts.

I recently got a Roomba 605 as a birthday present and was very satisfied to find it not to have any WiFi uplink and cloud connection. Yet after a few weeks of usage I started to miss some basic possibiliites to control my new toy remotely. After a quick google search I was even more satisfied with my present as iRobot has published the Serial Port API to control the Roomba  and many People published nice guides of how to fulfill my remote-control wishes.

As with most of these projects, i decided to use an ESP8266-ESP01S being powered through a YYYY Buck Converter by the Roomba itself. The ESP8266 is an inexpensive microcontroller with build in WiFi microchip and antenna. It can be easily flashed via the Arduino IDE and can provide a http-server as an interface for the microcontroller. 

This article is all about my journey to achive remote access of my Roomba. It is much more a collection of my notes and a mental crouch for myself than a tutorial. But if it helps you to realize your project all the better.